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Bernedoodle Breeder
Bernedoodle Breeder

About us

Bernedoodle Breeder


I have been a lover of animals for as long as I can remember. I have always had fur babies, and I can’t imagine life without one. My fur baby, Claire, of 11 years passed away in 2018.


After Claire passed, I stumbled upon the Bernedoodle breed. They were exactly what I wanted my next pup to be. After researching the breed, I decided that I wanted to start raising them so I could produce a healthy, family-friendly pup that met my expectations.


I want to perfect the breed and give others the opportunity to feel the kind of love that I felt with Claire.

Some ask why I devote so much time to this and why it's so important to me.

It’s simple; love and joy! These are not just dogs to me, and I’m not breeding for the money. My fur babies are family and live amazing lives. I’m breeding because I want to bring joy to other families that love this breed as much as I do!

I look forward to connecting with you!




We really fell in love with the loving, friendly temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are dubbed the ultimate "nanny dog" for a reason. Their relaxed, gentle nature is so comforting to have around.


The unfortunate thing is that there is a list of issues with Bernese that would prove them an ill fit for many families. These problems include hip and elbow dysplasia, a relatively short lifespan, and heavy shedding and drooling.

*Cue the Poodles*

Poodles have many wonderful attributes, including high intelligence, a long lifespan, a low to non-shedding coat, and hypoallergenic properties (ie. they typically don't cause allergic reactions for those who are allergic to dogs).

Pairing these two breeds creates a spectacular thing!

Our Bernedoodle puppies have coats that range from non shedding double curl to low shedding wave. That means that most people with allergies can share a home quite comfortably with our puppies (although certain coat types are recommended in the case of allergies).

Our puppies also have this cute mixture of the "nanny dog," relaxed nature of the Bernese and the playful, athletic nature of the poodle.

Bernedoodles are truly the best of both worlds. We believe these dogs are a great fit for many households, and we are committed to bettering the breed!


We know how much value our dogs add to our lives, and we want others to experience that as well! From the feedback we're getting, our puppies are bringing smiles to their new owners too! That's what keeps us going.

70-100 lbs

Our F1 Standard Bernedoodles are the result of breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Standard Poodle. This first generation cross (50% Bernese and 50% Poodle) produces a beautiful wavy, low to non-shedding, allergy friendly coat. Families will love our Standards for their fun-loving, chill, and adoring personalities.

30-55 lbs

Our F1 Mini Bernedoodles are the result of breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Mini Poodle. This first generation cross (50% Bernese and 50% Mini Poodle) produces wavy/curly, low to non-shedding, allergy friendly coats.


Our F1b Mini Bernedoodles are the result of breeding an F1 Bernedoodle to a Mini Poodle. This second generation cross (25% Bernese and 75% poodle) also produces wavy/curly, low to non-shedding, coats that are oftentimes more allergy friendly than the F1.


The Mini Bernedoodle is considered a medium energy breed. Our Country Creek Doodle families love our minis for their intelligence, spunk, and loving personalities. 



All of our breeding dogs are raised in our home and are treated as members of the family.  Puppies are also raised in the environment of our home, which sets them up for success in the transition to their new homes. Our children are involved throughout the process. We love giving our dogs good, happy lives and we make sure that our puppies will have the same opportunity.


Health problems in dogs are  expensive and heart wrenching to deal with. That is why our breeding dogs all undergo extensive health testing to ensure that our puppies will not inherit genetic diseases. Our puppies are vet checked and UTD on vaccines. With our puppies, you can rest easy knowing that he or she is healthy, with a long life ahead. We mean it; we even have a 2 year health guarantee!


From day one, we use the Puppy Culture method of puppy raising. When puppies are three days old, we begin Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI). When the puppies are old enough, they are held and loved on by adults and children alike. They are introduced to many different sights, smells, and noises, which is proven to help develop confident, well rounded dogs.

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